Viewing Lecture Capture Recordings

New guidance available

Our Lecture Capture guidance has moved to our new site. Please update your links and bookmarks to our new guidance site  

Lecture Capture is available to help you review the lecture, improve your notes and to aid revision. Recordings are not a substitute for attending lectures! The Academic Skills Team has produced an animation to help you make the most of Lecture Capture.

Lecture Capture is not available in all rooms and may not be suitable for all teaching activities. Lecturers, in a Lecture Capture enabled room will decide whether they will utilise the Lecture Capture system. You will be informed at the start of the term, if your lectures are being captured and when Lecture Capture recordings will be available on Moodle. 

Cameras in teaching rooms are used for Lecture Capture. Please do not move the camera position as this will impact on future recordings and limit their usefulness for students.

If you are viewing Lecture Capture recordings on a Mac device with Safari, you will need to change some settings in your browser. The Echo360 guidance page provides step-by-step instructions on how to do this.  Please use the latest version of a browser when accessing Lecture Capture. Further information is available in the Echo360 recommended browser guidance page. 

If the Lecture Capture activity has been added for your module, firstly log into Moodle using a desktop or laptop, select your chosen module and click on the Lecture Capture link. Alternatively, you can also access the Lecture Capture activity from Module Dashboard.

You may have to unblock pop-ups for the Lecture Capture module homepage to open from the Module Dashboard.

This will open up the Echo 360 module homepage displaying all recordings for that module, you will see they are organised by date and time. Simply select your chosen recording to view. 


Once you have clicked on a recording, you will be able to review inputs captured during Lecture Capture. This can include a recording of the lecturer's audio, the lecturer's presentation (e.g. PowerPoint slides), a secondary video of the lecturer (if requested). Click on each source to enlarge.

The buttons on the bottom left hand corner enable you to play and to jump backwards and forwards throughout the recording. Click and drag the cursor to advance or reverse through the recording quickly. As you drag the cursor, small previews of the presentation slides are displayed allowing you to easily find the section you are looking for.

You also have the option to adjust the volume, layout of the displayed sources and playback speed to aid in ease of revision (see below).

On the bottom left hand corner you can play/pause the video as well as skipping 10 seconds backwards or forwards. 

In the top right hand corner you have the option to write notes, bookmark or flag confusing content. Please note that your lecturers may not be checking content that has been flagged as confusing. If you are unclear about the content of a lecture, please speak with your lecturer.

You also have the ability to change the layout on screen and to adjust the speed of playback. 


You can also access Lecture Capture via the Echo360 app. The app has a feature to enable you to save recordings to view offline via the app.

Ensure you access the link to Lecture Capture from each of your modules via Moodle initially. Then you can download and use the app to view and interact with Lecture Capture including caching the recordings for offline viewing.


  1. Review the Echo360 guidance on downloading and using the app. You do not need to create a password, enter your City email address on the app and you will be directed to sign up with your City email address and password.

  2. Navigate the Echo360 app