Using Multimedia in your Teaching

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Increasingly, staff are looking for ways they can use video, audio and multimedia to enhance their teaching materials. Students, too, look for opportunities to use digital skills in their work, for example creating video, podcasts, infographics or animations.

The Multimedia Team in LEaD can help. We provide specialist advice, support, equipment and facilities to enable staff and students to create and use multimedia resources for teaching and learning. In these pages you can find out more about the facilities and tools available to staff.

Why use multimedia in your teaching?

EngagementTeaching Complex ConceptsA personal touchAccessibility


Effectively-designed multimedia can increase

students’ engagement, as well as retention

Complex material can be presented in a visual

way which aids understanding

Video or audio messages allow you to

connect with students personally

Multimedia can be more accessible for students

with learning differences or disabilities


What are your colleagues doing?

Here you can see what projects your colleagues have worked on, multimedia and otherwise, and what kind of support they received from LEaD.


What sorts of things can you do?

Using online resources

Embedding or linking to YouTube videos (or similar) for examples of how to use computer software; artistic or musical performances; or clips from film, radio and TV

Meet and connect online

Find out about how you can meet and connect with remote students, guest lecturers or field experts using Skype or Adobe Connect, both of which are available to City staff. 

Creating your own

Want to create your own multimedia teaching resource at your desk?  Find out how here!

Students create

Give students the opportunity to create their own multimedia content.  This can help them develop their creative and presentation skills.

Managing your media

Once you have created your multimedia resources, you can learn to organise them here.  You will also learn about creating clips from your video or audio resources, as well as other possibilities such as adding captions. Staff who do not have editing access to Moodle can also use Mediaspace to upload and record multimedia resources.


An introduction to The MILL which includes the digital production studio for recording high quality video and multimedia production booths for a quiet space to create your own resources.

Overview of equipment, software and facilities

Here you will find a list of our assets and guidance on how to use them.

Ideas for Multimedia resources

If you need some inspiration, have a look through these examples.


How do you plan a multimedia project?

Click here for some advice on how to plan your project.


Excitement by Yamini Ahluwalia from the Noun Project

molecule by Muharrem Fevzi Çelik from the Noun Project

person by Javier Cabezas from the Noun Project

Key by Claire Jones from the Noun Project