Guidance on Clipping a Video

Clipping a video has two key steps:

  • Split a range from within your video to create a clip

  • Delete the unwanted clip

Locating a specific timecode on your timeline can be tricky if it is a long video. Use the Zoom sliding bar to zoom in and out on your Timeline be more precise with timecodes.

Fully zoomed out

Partially zoomed in

Fully zoomed in

Using the Playhead split your video


How To



How To


1. Load your video

Follow Steps 1-3 in Editing Videos in MediaSpace: ​


2. Position your Playhead

Move the long green/blue Playhead line to the timecode at which you wish to split your media. This will be the beginning of the section you will delete. 

You can manually select-and-drag the Playhead to the relevant position, or you can Play/Pause your video at the required timecode and your Playhead will automatically navigate there.


3. Create your first split.

When it is in the correct position, select the white scissors to insert your first split.

There are now two clips. 

The first is surrounded by a yellow box in the image to the right.

The second is the remaining media in the video.


4. Create your second split.

The next split should be placed at the end of the unwanted media.

Either select-and-drag the Playhead or use the Play/Pause functions again to navigate to the second timecode and select the white scissors

There are now three clips. 

The first is the opening media you wish to keep.

The second is surrounded by a yellow box in the image to the right and is the media we wish to remove.

The third is the remaining media in the video.


5. Deleting the unwanted clip

In order to remove the second unwanted clip, ensure that it is surrounded by a yellow box and select the Bin (Delete) icon.

If the clip is not surrounded in yellow, click/tap the clip and it should become the primary clip.

After deleting the clip, the space left behind will be grey.

This grey area on the clip’s timeline will not appear in the final edit of the video. It simply gives you a visual representation of where media has been removed from your clip.

There will also not be a gap in your media. The video will play as though the two remaining clips are continuous pieces of media.


Trimming your media can modify the source media permanently. You are given the option to either Save or Save a Copy when editing. We recommend choosing Save a Copy when familiarising yourself with the functionality.