Equipment Loans for Staff - To support the use of educational technologies

Welcome to equipment loans information page.

The LEaD offices at each school have a range of equipment available for loan to support the use of educational technologies.The information on this page is designed to help staff in schools and professional services to arrange loans of our equipment.

Note: To book the Clickers / personal response system, please visit: Student Response Systems - Guidance and Inspiration

Equipment Loans
Making a request via Service Now

Staff should request to loan equipment - via Service Now

Please log an IT request using the Generic Services Request form with the following details,

  • Where you are based (please check Collection Locations)
  • What you wish to borrow ( please check SLE & School Equipment Sets)
  • When you wish to collect - or when you would like to pop in and speak to someone about your needs
  • How long you need it for

An educational technologist, local to your site / school will pick up the request and be in touch. Please allow as much notice as you can - up to one week if possible.

Collection Locations

Please note, it is essential to book to collect your equipment from an educational technologist, many of these are based in shared offices and other residents may not be able to help you.

School / Service / LocationsKey Booking Contact

Cass - Bunhill Row - 3rd Floor, MSc Office, behind Room 3038

collect  from an educational technologist

Cass - NHSQ - LEaD office 1st Floor Goswell Place L101

collect  from an educational technologist
SASS - Gloucester Place 3rd Floor - 4 desks at the back of the open plan spacecollect  from an educational technologist
SHS - Clinical Skill Lab - Tait Building 2nd Floor - C217email - clinical skills lab team
MCSE - Myddleton Buildingcollect  from an educational technologist
Law - NHSQ - collect from LEaD office 1st Floor Goswell Place - L101collect  from an educational technologist
Law - Grays Inn Place, Educational Technology Office - 215collect  from an educational technologist
Educational Technology Equipment
Practice / TaskEquipment
Recording practice and collecting evidenceSmall video cameras, iPad video kits, voice recorders, professional sound recorder, digital camera
Educational Video Making

Portable Videomaking kit (camera, Tripod, radio mics), laptop with video editing software

Professional video making equipment, cameras, tripods, lights, selection of microphones & editing facilities for iMovie and Final Cut

Adobe Connect WebinarWebcams, USB headsets with mic
Recording online lectures/presentationsLaptop with Webcam and Microphone and software installed
Educational Video/multimedia production projectsContact the MILL for more information on our facilities
School Equipment Sets
School / Service / LocationAvailable Equipment
SASS - Gloucester Place 3rd Floor - 4 desks at the back of the open plan space

iPad set (10 - 20), Flip camera set (10 - 20), Lightweight Laptops or tablets x 10

SHS - Clinical Skill Lab - Tait Building 2nd Floor - C217iPad set (10 - 20)

LEaD - The MILL - University Building Level 3

The Media and Innovation Learning Lab (The MILL) is a staff development and innovation area that specialises in multimedia training and production. More about the MILL

iPad set (10)

Video making kits

Audio recorders

Recording and editing facilities

Multimedia production laptops

Further support and Guidance

Contact the Service Desk for all support and guidance including:

  • How-To Queries
  • Reporting problems
  • Technical & Pedagogical Guidance
  • Training Requests
  • Meetings with an Educational Technologist

Service Desk