Kaltura MediaSpace

This is the University’s media delivery platform. It is like an institutional Vimeo/YouTube system. It lets allows you to publish media files. These can be used for teaching, promotion, or student guidance.

MediaSpace is not designed to be a media store or repository. Original source files uploaded by users are converted into videos optimised for online delivery. We  advise you keep a back-up copy of your original video on OneDrive should you need to make any amendments/edits in the future.

The original files are deleted from Kaltura after 6 months. This will not break any links to the video file that you have created for students. If you have linked the file from Kaltura to Moodle it will continue to play as before wherever it is in use and you can publish it to new modules if required.

If you deleted the original video and need to download the source file from Kaltura please follow the guidance to download source files from Kaltura. If the source file has been deleted from Kaltura, you will need to log a request via the IT Self Service Portal to request a download of the highest-quality version of the video from Kaltura.

Please note that for uploads incorporating a talking head video plus screen capture, such as those made with Kaltura Capture, you will only be able to download the screen capture and audio narration.

Strictly speaking, Kaltura is the company and MediaSpace is the video hosting platform they produce. The two words Kaltura and MediaSpace are sometimes used interchangeably to refer to the platform itself.


About MediaSpace

About MediaSpace

Stores media files

  • Upload video and audio files, up to 2GB in size. (NB: we advise you keep them below 300MB. To aid this, consider using Handbrake to reduce their size)

  • All common video and audio files are accepted, e.g. avi, mov, mp4, mp3

Publishes your media online

  • Related media can be published on a Channel

  • You can generate Playlists, a set of videos that play in a specific order

  • The privacy of media can be changed to allow anyone, or only certain groups, to view it

Creates multimedia using Kaltura Capture

  • Create screencasts (recordings of your computer screen) with audio or video narration

  • Make webcam recordings

Integrated into Moodle

  • Everything you create, upload and store in MediaSpace is available to add to your Moodle modules

  • Media files can be added to pages using the Video Resource tool. Students can upload and submit video assignments via the Video Assignment tool

Private by default

  • When you add a file to MediaSpace, the only person who can see it is you. If you want to share or publish something to a wider group, you can

Using MediaSpace