City University Room Types

Room Types

City University has a variety of learning spaces for the academic to use, which support Active Learning. Active learning is a method whereby students participate in activities that promote synthesis, analysis and reflection on course content, encouraging students to take ownership of their learning. It can involve students working either individually on tasks to clarify and internalise their understanding of course content or with others on collaborative activities that motivate each others learning and reflect on different peer perspectives.

Outlined in this section are suggestions for pedagogical activities to run for large and small group teaching, spaces that you can use, including City’s new Learning Spaces and technologies you can use. If you would like some advice or guidance on the Learning Spaces or any of the content on this page, please contact

Please view examples of rooms available to academics below.

 Fixed Swivel Seating

Rooms: ELG02, R101, C308, C309, BLG07

 Node Chairs

Rooms: A112, AG24b, C306, C321, C324, D222, ELG09, ELG13, R103

 Cluster Seating

Rooms: ELG01

 Plectrum Tables

Rooms: ELG12, R203

 Agile Computer Labs

Rooms: AG24a, ELG05, R201

 Flexible Furniture

Rooms: ALG16, AG07a, AG07b, AG08, A214, ELG08, ELG11, EM01, R102, R105, R202, R204, D104, D106, D107, D108, D109, D113, C304, C305, C307, C310, C315, C316, C317, C319, C323, C325, BLG08, BM02, BM03