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Our Educational technology guidance has moved to our new EdtechGuides site. Please update your links and bookmarks to our new guidance sites

Moving your teaching and assessment online

This document outlines the existing facilities at City for supporting a move to online teaching and assessment. Given that students and staff schedules, time zones and geographical locations may be subject to disruption, we recommend prioritising asynchronous teaching and learning activities, which do not rely on everyone being online at the same time, over synchronous forms.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment principles for 20/21

Following approval from Executive Committee (ExCo) and Education and Student Committee (ESC), City has published a set of University level good practice principles for delivering quality online learning, teaching and assessment in the academic year 2020/21. Please ensure you read these principles and use them to inform discussion and decisions around learning, teaching and assessment for your module or programme.

If you have some teaching and support activities scheduled on campus, please refer to City’s Health and Safety guidance on teaching and learning approaches with social distancing.

Help and support for moving online

We provide advice, support and training on using any of City’s educational technology tools as well as recommended approaches to moving your teaching online.