Legacy AV pod - control panel

Screen Controls
  • Firmly touch the screen on the touch control panel to wake up the Pod and projector. After a minute the home screen will display:


  • The touch control panel will control all the functions that you will need, allowing you to switch between different inputs (PC, visualiser, external laptop etc.) and show or hide the projector display.
  • Input audio can be controlled by the Volume buttons located on the right side of the control panel.
Laptop Connection
  • You can use your own laptop for teaching and presentations but it must be registered to access your City drives. Please contact the IT Service Desk to do this.
  • To connect your laptop to City's wifi network, please use the instructions at www.city.ac.uk/wifi
  • Connect your laptop using the cables found near the touch-control pane, all rooms will have a VGA but some Legacy spaces may also have a HDMI.
  • Once connected, ensure the laptop button has been selected.


Leaving the Pod
  • When you are ready, Log off but do not shut down the PC.
  • If no-one is coming into the room to teach after you, shut down the projector by pressing the System Off button on the touch-control panel. 
  • Do not turn off any appliances (e.g. projector, DVD player) using the power switch buttons. They should be left on and controlled from the touch-control panel.