Legacy pod - Microphones

Boundary Microphone

Available: Legacy Spaces with Lecture capture

  • Boundary microphone located on the lectern will automatically pick up audio located.
  • Please do not obstruct the boundary microphone as this will affect lecture capture audio.

Sennheiser lapel microphone

Available Rooms: 2 x Great Hall. 

  • Lapel microphones will already be paired to the rooms stated
  • Ensure the microphone is turned on by the screen, if not, the 'On' button is located underneath the front flap of the transmitter pack.
  • Check the microphone is unmuted by the switch located on top of the transmitter pack.


Handheld microphone

Available Rooms: 2 x Great Hall, 

  • The handheld microphone will already be paired to the stated rooms
  • To turn the handheld microphone on, press the red button located at the bottom of the microphone until the screen lights up.
  • Mute button is located on the side of the microphone, the screen will also read 'Mute', and nothing when un-muted