Select Missing Word Question

The Select missing words question type allows one or more missing words in the Question text to be selected from a list of possible options.

To create a Select Missing Word question you will first need to add it to the Question Bank and add it to the Quiz afterwards. Information on how to do this can be found on the main Quiz page.

After the quiz is set up, you will have to edit it to add the Select Missing Word question.

Setting nameDescription

Select Missing word

Select Missing words

  • When you go to add a question to the Question Bank, choose Select Missing Words.

General settings


  • Add a Question Name.
  • In the Question text field, enter the text for the question. Double square brackets [[ ]] indicate places where the students will be required to select a missing word from a drop-down list.  The number(s) in the double square brackets indicate the correct answer(s) based on the choices to be added below. In the example below, the correct answer for the first missing word is Choice 1 and the second correct answer is Choice 4.



  • In the Choices section, add the correct answer and the other choices for the missing words.  Ensure the correct answers correspond with the numbers added in the Question text.  The Group number indicates other choices that will be listed with the correct answer in the same group. In the example below, Choice 1 is the correct answer and is in Group 1, so all other choices in Group 1 will be presented as alternatives for the first answer.
  • Click Blanks for 3 more choices to add more answer choices.
  • Choice 4 is the second correct answer and is in Group 2 so will appear in a drop-down list with alternative answers in Group 2.


  • Scroll down and Save changes.
  • When completing the quiz the student will see a Choose option with a drop-down menu. They click the arrow to reveal the alternative choices and make their selection.



  • After the quiz has been attempted by the student the feedback will appear as in the image below.

 For more information please see the MoodleDocs guidance on the Select Missing Words Question type.

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