Quiz Troubleshooting

Quiz activity

 Quiz set up

 Why am I no longer allowed to add or remove questions?

Most likely it is because you have students that have already attempted the quiz. You will need to delete all of the attempts if you need to add/remove questions from a quiz.
To delete all student attempts, open the relevant quiz, click the red text Attempts: x (where x is the number of attempts) in the middle of the page. Click Select all at the bottom of the page. Then click Delete selected attempts.

 Can I have different start times/timings/numbers of attempts for different groups?

Select a Quiz and click Settings to see links to user overrides and group overrides

 Quiz Settings menu

Select the relevant option to add a user override or a group override to apply different settings such as quiz dates, times and number of attempts to individual students or groups of students.

See Quiz resubmission page for further information.

 How can I print my quiz?

If your quiz contains all the questions in one page you can easily print it from your browser. Open the quiz, click Settings Settings menuand select Preview from the menu. Use the browser settings (e.g. Chrome Browser control in Chrome) and select Print. Using this option you can also print the quiz to .pdf:

Quiz print view

If your quiz contains several pages, you will need to print them one by one.

 Error: "The number of random questions required is more than are still available in the category!"

Review your quiz and verify Moodle has enough questions from each category of questions it will be pulling from. You may have inadvertently selected more questions than what exists in the category.
Also, make sure you're not pulling questions from a category that has zero questions. Because you are picking random questions, rather than a specific question, it may not be apparent at first that you have run out of questions to ask.

 I would like to set a summative quiz, what should I do?
 I would like to set a formative quiz, what should I do?

If you would like to use a quiz that is not graded, you have two options:

  • Open the quiz, click Settings >> Edit quiz. On the quiz editing page. Set the score for each question, and the maximum grade to 0.

Editing Quiz

  • Open the quiz, click Settings >> Edit settings. Scroll down to Review options menu. On the grid of check-boxes. uncheck all the options that show right answers and marks.

Quiz review options

If you would like the quiz to be graded but not to count in the final grade, you could set your grading report and include the quiz in a formative assessment category. For guidance on how to do it, please refer to our guidance on Working with formative assessments in grader report (Add category).

Managing the question bank

 How can I remove a problem question after the quiz has been taken?

You can not remove a question once a quiz has been taken by one student or more. However, you can change the score and flag the question so you know it has problems.
Set the score for that question to 0. Find the question in the Question Bank. Maybe edit the title (Do not use in Bio101). Or if you do not share the question category with other teachers, create a subcategory, move the offending question there, and perhaps create a better question to replace the one you just moved. Create a new quiz and if necessary hide the old one.

Marking quizzes

 Why some students' attempts appear as "Never submitted"?

This situation is produced when you select "Attempts must be submitted before the time expires, or they are not counted" from the options under When time expires in the Timing settings in Quiz administration >> Edit settings.

Quiz timing settings

In that case, if any student fails to submit the quiz before the time expires, their attempts will appear as "Never submitted" and they will not be automatically marked.
The solution to this problem is complicated and involves changing settings in a live activity, we recommend logging in your query in Service Now.

The solution will require your permission to:

  1. Export all quiz scores and the unsubmitted attempts, just as a back-up.

  2. Create a group of those students who have not submitted, restrict Quiz access to the group.

  3. Re-open the quiz in the Timing Section and add a 15-minute grace period.

  4. Set attempts allowed to 'Unlimited'.

  5. Set question behaviour to 'Each attempt builds on the last - Yes'.

  6. Login as the relevant student, start an attempt, submit attempt.

  7. Repeat step 6 for each student in the group.

  8. Change back all settings, including the original date.

 How do I give an extra attempt or extra time for one student?
  • In Quiz administration >> Settings click the option User overrides to change the allowed number of attempts or the time limit for that user.

Quiz Settings menu

  • Click Add user override.

Add user override

  • Click the arrow in the Override user Search box and select a student.  The selected student will be displayed. Repeat the process to select more students who will have the same override setting.

Select student and amend time limit or attempts allowed

  • Adjust the Time limit or Attempts allowed for the selected user.
  • Click Save. A summary of the user override will be displayed.
  • Repeat the process to add further user overrides.
 What happens if students submit answers after the quiz closing date?

It is possible for students to still submit answers after the quiz has closed (for example if they started the attempt before the closing date but then took a long time before submitting). These responses are stored by the quiz activity, but the students are not given any credit for them. The lecturer can see these answers when reviewing the student's attempts and can give the student credit for them manually. Also, the lecturer could change the closing date after the fact and regrade the attempts. The student answers would then get graded.

 How do I send a bulk message to all students who haven't completed a quiz?
  • Click on your module page, click Reports > Course participation.
  • From the Activity module drop down, choose your quiz.
  • In Look back, choose the relevant period of time to display.
  • In Show only, choose Student.
  • Change Show actions to post.
  • Click Go.
  • In the list that appears, tick the boxes next to those you wish to message.
  • In the bottom dropdown With selected users, choose Send a message.
 How can I manually override marks in a quiz?

To override a grade on a particular question:





Results Manual Grading

  1. Click in your quiz.

  2. Click Settings and select Results followed by Manual grading.

Show graded questions

Also show questions that have been graded automatically

2. If you do not have essay questions in your quiz, you will need to click on Also show questions that have been graded automatically.

Click update grades

Update grades

3. Click on update grades on the selected question.


Enter updated grades

Back to list of questions link

4. Scroll down and update the grades for the relevant students.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and Click Save and go to next page.

6. Click Back to the list of questions.

7. Repeat steps 3 - 6 as required.