Importing Quiz questions

It is possible to export Question banks from one Quiz and import them to another as an XML file. This is a two-stage process. You first have to export the Question bank from one module and then import it to another module.

 Export Quiz questions
Setting nameDescription

Question Bank>Import

Question BankExport

  • Click Settings on the top navigation bar, select Question bank and Export.



  • Select Moodle XML format.

Select Category


  • Select the relevant category from the Export category drop-down menu.
  • Do not uncheck Write category to file or Write context to file as this ensures that your imported questions are stored in a separate category when you import them.
  • Click Export questions to file.

Save XML file

Save XML file

  • An XML file will be automatically generated. Save this file to your computer.
 Import Quiz questions
Setting nameDescription

Question bank>Import

Question BankImport

  • Go the module where you want to import the Question bank
  • Click Settings on the top navigation bar, select Question bank and then Import


Moodle XML format

  • Select Moodle XML format.

Upload file

Upload file

  • Either drag and drop the file into the Import area or click Choose a file to Browse to the correct location on your computer, select the file to import and click Upload this file.

Import file

Import File

  • Click Import.

Continue import

Continue Import

  • You will receive a message about the number of questions being imported and any errors being recorded. Click Continue at the bottom of the page.
  • The questions will then be available in your Quiz Question bank and can be added to your Quiz activity.

Please refer to the Quiz guidance for creating a Quiz activity and adding questions to the Quiz.