Pilot role and Plugins available

Moodle now has a Pilot role that you can apply for. This role provides the same permissions as the Lecturer role in Moodle, but you also get access to some new features which are outlined below. If you would like to try out any of these features; please log a request on IT Self Service Portal to request access to the Pilot role in Moodle. Please provide the module codes of the modules where you require access to these features in your ServiceNow request.


We can't guarantee that Pilot functionality will remain in future versions of Moodle. We make features available in pilot role to help us evaluate their usefulness and their usability.

  1. If we find a feature that had been released through the Pilot role is difficult to use we would recommend it is switched off in future versions of Moodle. We would contact all users prior to switching off Pilot role functionality.

  2. If a feature has limited usefulness, it remains in the Pilot role for Pilot users to continue using for their requirements.

  3. If a feature is useful for teaching and learning and is easy to use we recommend to IT that it is incorporated into core Moodle for all of our users.

Plugin name

Plugin functionality


Plugin name

Plugin functionality


Badges and Latest Badges block

Badges can be an effective way to motivate and engage students as they progress through a Moodle module by acknowledging students progress against module targets and goals.

Badges are not being used to accredit or verify the acquisition of skills and knowledge by students so students will not be able to export their badges to an external backpack in order to demonstrate the acquisition of a skill to an external body.


An activity for peer and self-assessment. It can be used to encourage student collaboration and self-awareness

This activity requires manual intervention to move the activity between the different phases.


The Journal allows students to create online text journal entries. The work students submit is visible only to the lecturer and not to the other students.

This activity used to be part of core Moodle, but was removed as similar functionality could be achieved using the Assignment activity. This activity is now only available as a plugin. This plugin has been made available as a pilot plugin based on a request from BVS at City Law School.

Event Monitoring

Event monitoring allows programme administrators and lecturers who are also enrolled with the Pilot role to receive notifications when certain events happen in Moodle.

  • To use Event monitoring, a 'rule' needs to be created for the event to be monitored and then a user, such as the admin or lecturer will need to subscribe to it to be notified.

  • The rule will specify what the event is and how often it must happen before notification is sent to the subscriber. The notification may be pop-up, email.

  • A lecturer or programme administrator can create a rule from Settings > Reports > Event monitoring rules.

  • You can subscribe to available rules via the Profile> Preferences > Event monitoring.


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