A Lesson activity can be used to build structured pathways through learning materials and test knowledge as students make progress. A Lesson consists of web pages that can contain text, images, and videos. Students can follow a linear path through the pages or you can set up branching paths. A lesson can also include questions for students to self-assess their learning. Students can then be automatically directed to further questions, feedback pages or other content pages depending on their response.

Planning your lesson

  • A lesson is made up of pages that may have content for the student to read or questions for them to answer. The questions can be created by the lecturer or imported. The lecturer decides the order in which these pages appear.

  • You need to have a clear idea beforehand of what you want to do with this lesson. Is it to be a graded, linear learning experience? Or an ungraded, non-linear practice session? Will students be able to go back and revisit areas or is it just a once-only opportunity?

  • Even those who are very comfortable working directly online might find it useful to note down on paper the direction they want their lesson pages to go in, rather than having to remember and visualise the navigation in their head.

Lesson Setup

Building your lesson

Grading lessons

Example of use of a Lesson presented at MoodleMoot 2016

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