Announcements/News Forum

Add or remove a News forum

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Adding a news forum

Number of announcements

  • Typically a News forum is added by default to all new modules. If your module does not have this forum, you can create one by adding a Latest announcements block. The News forum should now appear in the General section of your module and can be moved to a different topic/week. You can remove the Latest news block if not needed.
  • If you can't see a News forum after adding the Latest news block, edit the module settings (Settings > Edit settings) and under Appearance settings, make sure that the Number of announcements setting is set to a value great than 0. Save the settings.

Hiding a news forum

Hiding a news forum

You can hide the News forum using the hide icon (eye) from the Edit option next to News forum with editing turned on.

Removing a news forum

number of announcements 0

delete forum

To completely remove a News forum (and all its content) and prevent it being automatically recreated you must:

  1. Change the Number of news items setting in module settings to 0 and save settings
  2. Turn editing on.
  3. Delete the forum using the delete icon.
  4. Remove the Latest News block if it is present.

Updating the News forum

  1. If you want to change any part of the News forum, i.e. the name, click the Turn editing on button in the top-right of your page. 
  2. Use the pen icon alongside the forum to edit the title and click enter.
  3. Click Edit>>Edit settings to change other settings.
  4. The default settings are generally appropriate since it is only lecturer roles that can post to this forum. Please see below for further information and note the Discussion locking, Post threshold for blocking, Whole forum grading, Ratings and Turnitin plagiarism plugin settings are not applicable to this type of forum.

5.  Click Save and display to view the forum.

Posting to a forum

Setting nameDescription

Adding a new discussion

  • Select the Forum from your module homepage.
  • Forums are organised into Discussions which have one or more messages. To start a new discussion, click on the Add a new topic button.

Your new discussion topic

  • Give your topic a Subject, then write and format your Message. You can also add an attachment if required.

  • Click on Post to forum or Advanced for more options.

Advanced options

  • Attachment Attach a file by dragging and dropping or browsing your computer.
  • Pinned Pin the discussion so it appears at the top of the forum.
  • Send forum post notifications with no editing-time delay. Most posts have a 30-minute delay to allow for additional editing. This option lets you post the discussion immediately.
  • Display period. Lecturers have the option of setting a display period. This defines the period when a post is displayed on the forum, with a Display start and Display end time and date. The Enable box must be ticked in order to activate this too
  • Click on Post to forum
  • Click on Forum title in the breadcrumb trail to see how the message is displayed.

Forum post display

  • Click on the name of the Discussion topic to open it

Discussion topic

  • To edit, reply or delete a message, click on the message and click the appropriate action edit delete reply  
  • Staff and students can format their view of discussions, favourite topics and change their subscriptions. See our guidance on formatting your forum view and favouriting discussions.

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