Quiz resubmission

If you require a student or a group of students to attempt a quiz with additional time or to reattempt a quiz (following a fail or technical problem at the first attempt), you will find the User overrides and Group overrides feature useful.

Both override settings allow you to specify the Open/Close time, Time limit and the Number of attempts allowed for a particular student or students.

To use this option,

  1. Click on the Quiz activity
  2. Click on the Settings menu, then select either User overrides or Group overrides.
    User overrides
  3. Click Add user override or Add group override.
  4. Click the arrow to right of the Search box. Search box
  5. Select the name of the student or the name of the group of students, then change the number of attempts allowed, or enable the time limit or the open/close time and adjust as required.#
  6. Click Save.

You can update this setting anytime, even after the quiz has closed with student attempts.

If resubmission is allowed, the Grading method of the quiz should be set to 'Last attempt' rather than the default 'Highest grade'. This setting can only be amended before any student attempt is made.