H5P is only available to staff in the Pilot role. Please request access to the Pilot role via IT Self Service Portal.

The H5P activity in Moodle enables you to create new interactive content for your Moodle modules. This includes:

  • interactive video

  • presentations

  • Flash cards and

  • image hotspots

As well as helping you to design engaging content, H5P enables you to build in interactions to engage students in more active learning approaches online. You can monitor students' engagement with this activity and follow up with students who are not engaging with the content. The H5P activity works well on mobiles as well as desktops, so students can interact with this at a time, pace and place that suits their requirements. This makes the H5P activity an exciting addition to our suite of tools to support more flexible teaching and learning approaches

This feature is only available for staff in the Pilot role. You can request this feature by completing the Moodle Pilot role request form on IT Self Service Portal.

It takes time to create effective H5P activities, so this isn’t a quick resource to complete, but if you have the time you can use H5P to create engaging and interactive learning resources.

Not all H5P content types are currently accessible. Review the accessibility information before you use a particular content type. If you decide to use a non-accessible content type, consider how you can provide similar information in an alternative format for students who might be not be able to interact with the content.

Interesting in finding out more about H5P?

Creating an H5P activity


How to



How to


  1. Create H5P activity

  • Turn editing on

  • Click on the section header to open the topic/week where you want the H5P activity to be located.

  • Click Add an activity or resource.

  • Select H5P Interactive Content from the Activity list

  • Click Add.

2. Give your activity a name and description

  • Give your activity a Description if required.

  • Check the box alongside Display description on module page if you want the Description field to appear on the Moodle module.

3. Set your grading strategy

  • H5P activities default to a Maximum grade of 10.

  • As H5P activities appear in the Gradebook for students, we recommend you set up a formative assessment category and set the total for this category to 0 so that the grades for these activities do not contribute to the course total.

4. Select the interactive activity type

H5P provides a number of different activity types, we recommend Course Presentation. Many of the other activity types are already available in more robust Moodle activity types, e.g. Quiz. The Course Presentation enables you to develop an interactive presentation for student and can help to facilitate more active learning approaches online.

  • Select Course Presentation from the Editor drop-down list and click Use.

5. Set up your Course Presentation

Review the tutorial on H5P for some top tips on how to create an effective Course Presentation.

6. Save

Scroll to the end of the page and click Save and display to review the Course Presentation.

Embedding an H5P activity in a Moodle resource

Now that you have created your H5P activity, you can download it and upload the H5P activity directly into Moodle resources via the text editor to create a more integrated learning experience for your students. For example you might be presenting content in a Moodle Book. You can embed an H5P interactive video within the book so that students don’t have to move between different resources to find the content and undertake the activities.

You must download the H5P activity in order to upload it into a resource. You will see an option to add a link, this does not work for H5P activities created in Moodle. This is for files created on H5P.org or H5P.com. City does not have a licence for H5P.com and we do not recommend that you use H5P.org as we cannot guarantee that your content will remain available.


How to



How to


1. Download the H5P activity

  • Open the H5P activity.

  • Select Reuse or Download at the bottom of the H5P activity you have created.


2. Open the resource where you want to embed the activity

  • Turn editing on

  • From your module page, select Edit>>Edit settings alongside the resource where you want to embed the H5P activity.

  • If you are embedding the H5P activity into a Moodle book, open the Book and from there you can edit a chapter using the cog icon.


3. Upload the H5P activity into the Moodle activity

  • Select H5P from the Atto editor

  • Select Browse repositories…

  • Ensure Upload a file is selected

  • Navigate to where you saved the downloaded file.

  • Select Insert H5P

  • Save and display



4. Review the embedded H5P

The H5P activity will be embedded within the Moodle resource. Please note that results for the H5P activity will not be recorded in the Moodle Grader Report.