Student Response Systems

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Using Student Response Systems

Using student response systems have proven impact in engagement, participation and achievement. This guide provides advice on how to integrate student response systems into your lectures.

We support the web-based student response system, Poll Everywhere, at the University.

Polls provide a fun way to encourage active participation from your audience, gather feedback, and easily gauge group-wide understanding.

Students respond to questions posed during a PowerPoint presentation via their own web-enabled device. The responses are then sent to the presenter’s computer and can be displayed on the screen. Responses are instantly compiled within the PowerPoint presentation or web browser, and can be saved for later review.

Poll Everywhere

Engage with your class in real time anywhere with no additional kit required. Students vote using a web browser on their own device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) which can connect with WiFi, 4G, or sending SMS messages.

Poll Everywhere is an application that is simple to set up and use and allows for student participation via mobile devices. You create polls and quizzes and students answer multiple choice or open questions via a fast mobile-friendly web page. The poll or quiz is updated in real time with their answers. Advanced uses include marking answers as correct, registering students to track achievement, and using questions with clickable images. Polls can be run within your web browser, or embedded within PowerPoint presentations.

1) Request a Poll Everywhere account from ServiceNow.

2) View Poll Everywhere guidance.

3) View the recording of our workshop - Introduction to Poll Everywhere and other polling systems

4) Run your poll in any presentation pod at City.

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