Blended learning approaches to support retention

While the reasons for student withdrawal are complex and there is no single solution to improve retention; the effective use of educational technology can support students in their transition to Higher Education, provide access to support mechanisms, help lecturers identify at-risk students and support active learning pedagogies. This resource supports staff in finding effective ways to tackle issues that impact on retention through the integration of online activities.

Select which approach suits your requirements for some suggestions on how to use online activities to enhance retention.

  • I need a quick, easy and low risk way to integrate educational technology to meet a specific challenge on the module: Low-impact approach

  • I have confidence in changing my teaching approach and am confident in using educational technology or have time to attend training sessions and have 3-6 months to implement a change: Medium-impact approach

  • I am developing a blended module from the outset or redesigning a face-to-face module as a blended learning module and have 6-12 months for the development of the module: High-impact approach