Consider your module features

This activity encourages you to think about the module you are going to design/redesign. This will help you identify the experiences you want to provide for your students and help inform the look and feel the online elements of your module.

This activity is relevant for medium- and high-impact approaches.

Think about the module you are going to design/redesign. What would you like the experience to be like for your students?

Consider your module features activity
Issues to consider

Notes on experience you want to create for students

Key Feature or Minor Feature

Pedagogical approach/How will I learn section of module specification                                                                                                                                               
Guidance and support

Opportunities for students to receive knowledge

Opportunities for communication and collaboration

Opportunities for exploration and demonstration

Opportunities for reflection

(Adapted from Institute of Learning Innovation University of Leicester (2012). E-tivity: Consider your course features)

The Ulster University JISC Viewpoints project includes an activity on learner engagement which provides useful examples of activities to encourage interaction and dialogue between students and lecturers which can help in designing opportunities for students to receive knowledge, communication and collaboration, opportunities for exploration and demonstration, and opportunities for reflection.


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Consider your module features activity download (Click on File>>Download as, select Microsoft Word)

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