Module Plan

This activity will help you to plan and structure your blended learning module and to consider which activities can be best delivered online and which need to be delivered in a face-to-face environment. This activity will also help you to consider the integration activities so that your module provides a cohesive learning experience for students.

This activity is particularly relevant for medium- and high-impact approaches. If you are implementing a low-impact approach you might find it useful to complete the module plan (linked below) for the topics where you are planning on introducing the low-impact approach to ensure that your online and face-to-face sessions are well integrated and structured.

Module Plan

Constructive Alignment

Before you start with a visual plan of your module keep in mind the principle of constructive alignment (Biggs, 1997). Design your curriculum so that your learning and teaching activities help your students to meet their learning outcomes and your assessment methods assess the learning outcomes.


Figure 1: Aligning learning outcomes, learning and teaching activities and the assessment. Adapted from Biggs (1999) p 27. Cited in Houghton (2004)

Drawing on your notes from the Consider your module features, complete the relevant sections of the Module Plan. For example for a low-impact blend you might need to update only one topic while for a high-impact blend you will need to complete the entire Module Plan.


Topic Objectives/

Learning Outcomes

What do students do before f2f session (usually online)?

 (Resources needed/artefacts to be created/tools to be used)

What do students do during f2f session?

Resources needed / materials to be prepared)

What do students do after the f2f session (usually online)?

 (Resources needed/artefacts to be created/tools to be used)

Assessed elements?

Topic 0

Week/Topic 1

Week/Topic  2

Week/Topic  3

Week/Topic  4

Week/Topic  5

Week/Topic  6

Week/Topic  7

Week/Topic  8

Week/Topic  9

Week/Topic  10


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