Providing online assignment instructions

This page provides an overview of what information should be included in assignment instructions to ensure that students can successfully submit their online assignment.

This activity is suitable for high-impact approaches.

Low- and medium-impact approaches where there is a change to assessment should also consider online assignment instructions.

Once you have selected the most appropriate assignment tool to ensure that you provide all relevant information to students to help them to complete the assignment. O’Reilly and Kelly (2008, p.240) outline 8 elements that should be included in all online assignment instructions.

  • Name of the assignment (This should match the name as listed in the module handbook).

  • Learning objective(s) to which this assignment relates.

  • When the assignment is due (include this information in the assignment description and tick to display this on the module homepage).

  • Any resources that you recommend students use to complete the assignment.

  • Expectations (length, level of effort, number of citations required, etc.).

  • Level of group participation (individual assignments, group or team projects, and entire class projects).

  • Process (how students turn in the assignment, if they provide peer review, how peers give feedback, how you give feedback).

  • Grading criteria (include a rubric if you are using one).


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