Using Moodle reports to support students

Moodle reports provide a module team with information on how students are accessing and interacting with the Moodle module. You can generate reports when you need to know which pages students are accessing, the times at which they access them and the activities they perform in the module.

This activity is suitable for low-, medium- and high-impact approaches.

When you know what resources and activities your students have been accessing in your Moodle module, you can adjust the module to ensure that they take full advantage of all the online resources available on the module. You can alert students to module material they're neglecting and/or provide improved signposting to highlight important content and the order in which they should access it.

Reports have great potential with medium and high - impact approaches when you require students to prepare prior to face-to-face sessions. The reports will help you identify which students are engaging with preparatory materials and which students need reminders about the importance of engaging with preparatory materials. The Reports guidance provides an overview of how to access reports and the different types of reports available.

 Reports and module design

The behaviour of reports in Moodle should also inform the design of your Moodle module. If you want to report on a weblink (including embedded YouTube videos and Adobe Connect links) ensure that you add the link as an individual resource using the URL resource. Weblinks linked or embedded in labels do not generate entries in reports. Pages or books with lots of weblinks only generate one entry in the reports making it impossible to interpret which links students have accessed.

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