Inducting students to blended learning modules

This page provides suggestions on how to induct students into blended learning modules/programmes.

This guidance is suitable for low-, medium- and high-impact approaches.

Sell the benefits

Blended learning modules require more active engagement from students in online and in face-to-face activities so it important to explain to your students why you have adopted a blended learning approach and the learning benefits and flexibility that this provides for them.

Set clear expectations

Explain to students how you expect them to engage with the online and the in-class activities. Be clear with your students on how much time you expect them to spend on online activities, how you will be monitoring online participation and how you will be interacting with them online.

Readiness to learn online
You might find it useful to run a survey with your students to promote discussion on their readiness to learn online. An example survey is available from Penn State. You could use the feedback activity in Moodle to facilitate the collection and presentation of survey results.
Induct your students

Provide students with a tailored induction into the online environments, activities and resources they will be engaging with. The Educational Technology Team has produced a Learning with Moodle module (accessed via Moodle) that you can use to provide students with an opportunity of working with different activities. This module also provides some top tips on how to engage with Moodle and how to approach different types of online activities that are regularly used on modules. As you introduce online activities into your module you might also change how you are delivering your face-to-face content. Explain to students how you expect them to interact in the face-to-face sessions.

As you expect students to engage with your modules online provide online ice-breaker induction activities for them to participate in at the beginning of the programme. Getting students online at the start of a programme can also provide you with opportunities to troubleshoot any initial access problems. Refer students to  IT Service Desk to resolve technical issues impacting on access or to the Course Officer to investigate enrolment issues.

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