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Export a Question Bank from Moodle

  • Open the relevant Moodle module
  • From the Administration block, click on Question bank and select Export.
  • Select Microsoft Word 2010 table format (wordtable)
  • Select Export questions to file
  • Save the file to your computer. Save the file as a docx which is required for Import.
  • Amend the questions, options, distractors and feedback.
  • Save your amendments. Ensure that the file is saved as a docx. 

Import a Question Bank into module for the new academic year

  • Open the module to which you want to import the questions.
  • Each time you import questions these will be added to those that already exist in your Moodle module Question bank. If you want to edit and replace the existing questions you will need to delete these from the question bank before importing the updated questions, otherwise you will end up with duplicates.
  • From the Administration block, click on Question bank and select Import.
  • Choose the category you would like to import questions in to.
  • Choose Microsoft Word 2010 table format (wordtable) as the file format.
  • If you keep 'Get category from file' selected, Moodle will create categories based on those in the Word file you Import
  • Click Choose a file >> Upload a file>>Browse. Select the relevant file from your computer and click Open and Upload this file.
  • Click Import.
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