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This guide provides an overview of how to set up a Group Forum. Group Forums are a great way to encourage collaboration and communication between project groups. Group Forums can help you to manage communication and collaboration when teaching large groups of students. Before you start with a Group Forum you first need to set up your Groups and in some instances Groupings. You will need to create Groupings if students are a member of more than one group on your module e.g. you are using Tutor Groups and Project Groups.


Group Forums provide students with an opportunity to discuss their understanding of a topic and to hear their peers' ideas about the topic. This discussion between students who are learning the same new concepts at the same time allows student to establish their own understanding of the topic. (University of London, n.d)




Setting nameDescription

View your post

standard forum with breadcrumb trail at top of page

Manage student replies

Options to edit, split and delete

  • You can edit, delete or reply to your own posts using the options in the bottom left corner of each post/message. 
  • You can also edit, delete, reply or reply privately to student posts using the options in the bottom left corner of each post/message. 
  • Edit - allows you to edit a reply. The post will show that you have edited it.
  • Split - allows you to split the discussion and move the post to a new discussion.
  • Delete - allows you to delete a reply.

Replying to student posts

Reply box with options to submit, cancel and tick box to reply privately

  • Reply - allows you to reply to any discussion. Tick the Reply privately box to send your reply privately to the student.

Move student topics

dropdown box with options to move reply to other forums

  • If a student posts a new topic to the wrong forum you have the option to move that specific discussion and any replies attached to another forum. Click the forum you wish to move the discussion to from the drop down list and then click Move.