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FeatureDescription and Rationale

Help & Support menu in top navigation bar for both staff and students, offering quick access to educational technologies support, IT Service Desk and accessibility information.

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  • Dashboard within the main content area, to ensure quick access to key module information, resources and activities.
  • Staff contact details built into the Dashboard.
  • Lecture capture when used in modules will be easily accessible via from the Activities links in the Dashboard.

Module Leader

Clicking on the link to Lecturers will indicate the Lecturers and Module Leaders for the module and include their contact information if provided.

Clicking on the link to Students will provide a list and photos of students enrolled on your module.

Clicking on the link to Course Officers will provide a list of Course Officers and their contact information if provided.

Modules are laid out in two columns with right-aligned blocks to prioritise the main content area in modules.

  • Modules are structured into collapsed topics with an overview of content available within each topic. This provides a concise overview of the module structure and content. To open a topic click on the topic heading.
  • Topics highlighted as the current topic by a Lecturer will default to an open position and be highlighted with a red box.

School specific blocks will display information that is relevant to your programme of study and the School you are studying in.


Module events and module updates blocks on the right hand column provide contextual information on the modules, such as all Calendar events and updated content/activities in a module.