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If this is your first time submitting a Turnitin assignment or the first time you have submitted since 25 20 July 20192020, you will be prompted to read and accept the latest TurnitinUK User Agreement. Please note that you will not be able to accept this agreement on some mobile browsers or using Safari. If you have problems accepting the statement try using a different browser for your first Turnitin submission.

Click on the link Please click here to read and accept the Agreement.

The TurnitinUK User Agreement will open up in a new window, unless your browser has pop-up blocking turned on.


  1. Open the relevant Turnitin assignment from the module homepage.

  2. Click Submit Paper on the Turnitin assignment.

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  3. Add a Submission Title.

  4. Upload your assignment.

  5. Check the assignment submission statement.

  6. Click Resubmission.

  7. Once the receipt is generated close the submission window and your new file will have replaced your original assignment submission.

  8. if you are replacing a file for a submission that has more than one part, ensure you are in the right tab for your resubmission.




  • The Grades & feedback report screen shows you both the grades and the feedback for each of your assignments.

  • Click on the link to your assignment title in the Feedback column. You may be invited to take a tour of Turnitin Feedback Studio. Click through the screens and click Get started to view your feedback.

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  • Your grade will be displayed in the first column. The name of your assignment will be displayed in red, i.e. Essay.  Click the name of the assignment to view your feedback in Turnitin.

  • You may see feedback in the form of blue comments throughout your work - hover over the comments to read the full comment. Alternatively, in the panel on the right, there may be an overall feedback section about your work in a text or audio format. You may also see a link to View Rubric if a marking rubric has been used for feedback.

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  • Click the download icon and choose to download the Current view which will include all your feedback at the end of the assignment file.

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