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020 7040 8181
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The university's educational technology team offers a broad range of bespoke activities, for example a short 1-2-1 meeting, small group hands-on training or half-day departmental workshop.

Please submit all general enquiries & specific requests through the Service Desk.

Service Desk Details:

020 7040 8181
Northampton Square, E101


For emergency problems including issues with high stakes assessment, please phone the IT Service Desk on 020 7040 8181.

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This page provides information on the whole process of booking and using the lecture capture system. Lecture capture is a system which allows you to make automatic recordings of your lectures or presentations without having to set up a camera, microphone or other recording equipment. You must make a booking in advance and the system will automatically switch on and start recording at the appropriate time. After this, you can publish the recording(s) to your students by adding the Echo360 block to your Moodle page. The system allows you to record audio, the computer screen and video. You do not need to record video if you do not want to. Many people opt for "slides-and-audio" recording only - although the system will record whatever you show on the PC, the visualiser or a laptop, not just PowerPoint slides.

See example recordings here

Links and resources
Essential Information for Staff

An overview for staff on Lecture Capture (Echo360) including reminders from the policy and guidance for staff and students:

Frequently Asked Questions
Booking lecture capture

Fill in the booking and consent form (requires City login)

Or from the homepage select Log an IT Service Request and then select Lecture Capture.

Lecture capture policy
Read the University's lecture capture policy.
Using lecture capture with students
If you intend to make a recording which features students, they must give consent to be recorded. Use this consent form and keep signed copies of the forms.
Look out for the logo in lecture capture enabled rooms...

Lecture capture enabled logo

This site is produced by the Educational Technology Team (ETT). If you have any related suggestions or queries please contact leadinfo@city.ac.uk

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